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Do you have a problem with your commercial business rates/non domestic rates? Rates are a major outgoing for any business and in these hard economic times it is even more essential to ensure you are not paying too much. At Whitestone Commercial we are passionate about helping you reduce your rates, saving you valuable time and money. We pride ourselves in giving quality Business Rates advice for all types of commercial property.

Your Questions Answered...

1Why employ a Rating Surveyor?
Rating legislation generally limits the rate payer to a single appeal, therefore it is important to ensure you get it right first time. As Business Rates is a highly complex subject, you need someone who has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the legislation. A good Rating Surveyor should have that knowledge and should save you time and money. They will only appeal if they feel there are grounds to appeal, as an ill-considered appeal can lead to an increase, rather than a reduction.
2Why Whitestone Commercial?
We are a quality driven practice with unrivalled specialist knowledge in Business Rates gained from 15 years experience working within the Valuation Office Agency. We understand their processes and will use this to your benefit. With our local knowledge and Valuation Office experience we are confident we can get you the best results. We are a member of the RICS so you know you are in safe and competent hands. Local knowledge is of paramount importance as the complexities of valuation change within each area and there are many factors to be considered.
3What is the Appeals Process?
Meet to determine the likelihood of success. Carry out a full measured survey. Submit the appeal. Negotiate on your behalf with the Valuation Office. Keep you informed throughout the Appeals Process. When successful you will receive a refund from the Local Authority.
4How long does the process take?
From submitting the appeal to agreement can take several months, sometimes a year, as the time scale is largely determined by the Valuation Office. From agreement to receiving your rebate can take another month.
5How do I receive the reduction?
When successful you will receive a refund from the Local Authority. In most cases it will be backdated to the 1st April, 2010 (Securing a refund on what you have already paid).
6How do we charge?
Our aim is to make the best savings for you! Our fee structure is tailors to our clients needs. Sometimes there are cases where the assessment should be split or merged or we need to deal with the Billing Authority. We therefore work on a % of known savings and/or hourly rate. The fee percentage is agreed at the initial stage, once we know all the facts and have assessed the prospects of success. It is in our interest to maximise the savings for you.
7When do I have to pay?
You will receive our bill once the results are known to you. We will include a detailed report at the conclusion of the appeal. Remember, if there is no reduction, then there will be no fee.
8Which types of property do we deal with?
We cover all types of commercial property including: golf clubs, shops, offices, factories, hotels, pubs, industrial units, small business, workshops, warehouses etc.
9What is “Rateable Value”?
The Rateable Value is basically an annual estimate of what your property would rent for, as of the 1st April 2008. All commercial property are assessed on the same basis and from the same date.

Professional Services

  • Specialist Business Rates Report
  • Rating Advice
  • Appeals
  • Reliefs and Exemptions
  • Rates Audit
  • Recovery of Over-payments
  • Expert Evidence
  • Completion of Statutory Documents
  • Empty Property Advice