Check I Challenge I Appeal

What Does This Mean?

The government has introduced a new 3 step process known as Check, Challenge, Appeal.


The Check stage is to ensure all facts about the property concerned are correct and up to date. Any errors should be highlighted and sorted out. This we are told should be quick but the legislation gives the Valuation Office 1 year in which to respond.


Once the facts have been agreed, a challenge can be made to the Valuation Office if you still feel the assessment is incorrect. This challenge must be made within 4 months of the VOA’s response to the Check stage. If the challenge is outside this period then the whole process will start again. In this stage the ratepayer will be expected to provide a reasoned case as to why he feels the assessment is incorrect. Any supportive evidence will also need to be submitted. The Valuation Office will also be under a duty to provide supportive evidence for the assessment. Once discussions have been completed, the Valuation Office will issue a decision notice. This they have to do within 18 months of the challenge. It is hoped that the majority of appeals will be settled in this stage.


The Appeal stage will come into play if an agreement cannot be reached with the Valuation Office at the Challenge stage. The ratepayer will have 4 months from the decision notice to lodge an appeal with the Valuation Tribunal.

3 Step Guide to Appealing 2017

Business rates will now be managed through a Government Gateway which is a central online system. The ratepayer essentially needs to set up a secure account within the gateway, where they can register their details and business and appoint an agent to help.

  1. Register yourself and business through the Government Gateway
  2. Claim your property
  3. Appoint a professional agent to act on your behalf

Step 1

How do I set up and register on the Government Gateway?

You will need:

  1. National Insurance Number
  2. Date of Birth
  3. UK passport or PAYE payslip or P60
  4. Scan or Photograph of Business Rates Bill
This is fairly simple and self explanatory. Follow the below:
Follow online instructions

Step 2

How do I register/claim my commercial property?

Sign in to your existing or newly formed Government Gateway. Once you are in your dashboard, click on Claim properties and enter the postcode into the search bar. Once you have located the correct property and assessment click on Claim and follow the online instructions. If you have more than one property, you will need to claim each one by clicking on Add Property

Step 3

How do I appoint an agent?

Sign in to the Government Gateway or go back to your dashboard and click on Manage Properties. Your claimed property will show here (if not showing allow a little time and then refresh).

Click on APPOINT AGENT and enter our AGENT CODE 38551 and select YES for us to CHECK and CHALLENGE.