Appeal Process

Rating Appeal Process

If you suspect your Rateable Value may be too high or are unsure whether it is correct, we would advise that you instruct a Chartered Surveyor who specialises in Business Rates such as Whitestone Commercial.
What does VOA stand for?
VOA is the Valuation Office Agency. The VOA are the government body responsible for setting your Rateable Value and therefore your rates to be paid.

What is the first step?
Just a phone call or an email to us. We will take details of the premises to find the history behind your assessment. We will review the details to determine whether to go ahead, as it is important to only put an appeal in, if we feel there is a possibility of a reduction.

How much of my time will it take?
Very little! If you have instructed us, then we are here to do the work for you. We ask only that you provide the address and details of the property. If the premises are being rented, we will also need this information. We need to be able to have access to the premises in order to carry out a survey, however you are not required to be on site for this. We like to keep the process hassle-free.

What happens during a survey of the premises?
Our Chartered Surveyor will need access in order to carry out a full measured survey. He will be measuring, photographing and assessing the areas, looking for changes to the property such as add ons and renovations, as well as looking for any improvements. This can take from 1 hour to half a day, depending on the size of the premises.

What happens once an appeal has been submitted?
It is a matter of waiting for the VOA to place it into a discussion programme, which usually takes about 3 to 6 months.

What happens once my case has been placed into a programme?
The VOA will enter into discussions with our Chartered Surveyor. In some simple cases the appeal may be settled swiftly, in others it can end up at valuation tribunal.

Why do I need a Chartered Surveyor specialising in Business Rates?
A Rating Surveyor is there to build your case, using his knowledge and expertise to maximise your saving. He will negotiate with the VOA to reduce and settle your rateable value and in some instances may feel it necessary to take the case to valuation tribunal. This can be lengthy and complicated and requires sound knowledge of rating, as well as experience in a court room for the best outcome.

How long is the process from instructing Whitestone Commercial to settlement?
It can take 3 to 6 months after submitting an appeal for it to be placed into a programme. It then takes a further two months negotiating with the VOA. If the case is to go to valuation tribunal this can take a further 3 to 6 months. From settlement to receiving your rebate can take another 4 to 6 weeks. The good news is that any rebate is backdated!